House of Pac House of Pac

Address of the house that can be seen on Google map: 26 allee d olinval, 60150 Villers sur Coudun, France

Ground floor

Pictures that are missing: office room, dining room, stairs, WCs

First floor

Pictures that are missing: small room, bathroom, storage room in one of the bedrooms


Pictures that are missing: garage



These are videos of the part of the land behind the house. It is a small wood of 650 square meters on a slope. We will put a small basket ball court of 15 meters by 11 meters on the left side of the current woods. We will cut some trees to make space. Between the back of the house and the woods there is a flat surface of 7 meters on a length of 25 meters.


I do not have the elevation of the land. It is on a slope. All I know is that the basement is 210 cm high and that it is flat for about 7 meters behind the house and in front.

Future state

What needs to be addded:

  • An extension to the kitchen
  • Half a basketball court (15 meters by 11 meters)
  • An extension to the garage
  • A terrace on top of the flat roof of the kitchen that will lead to the bedroom
  • Modification of the roof by adding large windows to all rooms excepted one which will have a glass door that will lead to the terrace on top of the kitchen extension
  • A swimming pool (not sure of the dimensions but no more than 5 by 8 meters)
  • A tree house
  • Two rooms in the basement to be created: one under the living room and one under the kitchen extension (a tv cinema room)

What needs to be removed.

  • There are two stairs, one next to the kitchen that leads to the basement for which we will break the wall to create some light, and another stair in the entrance that leads to the first floor and for which we will replace the wall that separates it from the kitchen by either a glass or nothing, this will allow to see the kitchen and garden from the entrance.
  • Replace the fireplace by a more stylish one

Interior design

The house hasnt been touched since the 1970ies everything will be changed. I have added some mood boards to give an idea of the styles.

Mood boards and details


Kitchen / dining

At the moment the kitchen is 16 m2 and looks like this

We will create a 24 m2 extension to create a 40m2 kitchen / dining open to the outdoor

Bedroom above kitchen

There is a bedroom above the current kitchen, I would like to add a glass door that leads to a terrace on the roof of the kitchen extension.

Part of the existing bedroom is made of a storage space, I would like to open it to make a larger bedroom.

Skylight above the kitchen

Bathroom on first floor

Currently the bathroom is small and with no natural light.

I would like to add a window that enables to add space, light and that frames the outside view when taking a bath

Add similar windows to the other two bedrooms on the first floor so that they have a view and more space

Ground floor

Break walls to create flow between rooms, views and more light

Change the look and feel of the living room

Paint the wood in lighter color

Change the fireplace to something like that


Change the bathroom to something like this


Add a gym in the room that is the nearest to the bathroom

The gym should have a bike and should look similar to this

Home office

In the room next to the gym and closer to the living room there should be a home office similar to this, with a door window leading to the front garden


  • Extend the garage by removing some of the grounds
  • On top of the garage extension extend the existing garden add a skylight to illuminate the garage underneath
I didnt find an image that looks like what i have in mind, those are the closest

  • Add a room in the basement under the living room
  • add a room in the basement under the kitchen extension as a cinema room

Landscape design


Add a basketball court as in the picture below 15 meters by 11 meters on the back of the house amongst the woodland. It should be on a similar position as on the picture to limit the number of trees to be cut.

Front garden

The land is a slope, the front garden isnt usable as is. Make it flat by adding soil and vegetal barrier.

In terms of style the front garden should a mix of modernism and lush

Swimming pool

We will need to incorporate a swimming pool in the rendering. I am not sure where for now. Hope to see the drawings and have a better idea where then.