House of Pac House of Pac

Dimensions are in meters

The following is not on the pictures but will be added to the house:

A window similar to the one below that will replace the small window in front of the house

We will also change the main door. We will keep the current door but transform it as a large window, next to it we will add a more traditional door.

We will add a path that leads to the door, something in this spirit:

The Brief

Right now there are many issues with the space that we need addressing. Most spaces do not have a function and are disconnected, neighboors can see into our property (lack of privacy), there is no path that leads to the entrance of the main house, we cannot use the space as an entertainment space, there is very little green space and plants.

Here are the spaces we need:

  • A driveway
  • a carport
  • a zen garden which we will be able to look at from our living room which has large bay windows
  • A clear path that leads to the house and another one to the warehouse
  • A visual connection between the two buildings
  • An entertainment space with barbecue, firepit, seating area

We also need more privacy, there is house on one side, a warehouse on the other which will be demolished and where a building of flats will be built (some balconies will have direct view into our garden as it is now so we need to address that), the street in front and an unused plot of land behind the house

As for the plants, we need low maintenance ones that look good all year long.

We live in a city in the north of France where we have cold winters and hot summers and 4 real seasons.

Here is the Google location:

Privacy from neighbors

New development

In place of the building on the left side of the house it is planned that a new building will be built. This will be a building of flats with balconies looking straight into our property. I would like that the new garden hide us from them.

Inspiration Zen Garden

Inspiration Entertainment space